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The OOB is provided for those interested in what shoulder patch their relative may have worn.  I do NOT have unit histories on any of the several hundred units listed in the OOB. If you want info on any specific unit, use the green button above this red text. 

The following non-divisional units were all elements of 9th U.S. Army from 5 September 1944 - 5 May 1945. If your relative was in any of these units, with the following exceptions:

Tank Battalions

XVIII Corps Artillery

Cavalry Group Hqs, Mechanized

Chemical Battalions, Motorized

Tank Destroyer

Army Air Forces

2nd and 5th Ranger Infantry Battalions

LCVP Unit Number 3 (USN)

Then he or she officially wore the 9th U.S. Army patch. This is not to say that some of these 9th U.S. Army MAY have created and worn a patch of their own, but I have found no documentation, photographs, or interviews to the contrary. Some of them may have their own distinctive unit insignia.


Antiaircraft Artillery Brigade Headquarters: 55th.

Antiaircraft Artillery Group Headquarters: 2n, 12th, 18th, 19th, 26th, 38th, 105th, 113th.

Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalions: 124th, 127th, 131st, 132nd, 135th, 141st, 749th (Less Batteries A arid B)

Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalions (Mobile): 379th, 430th, 440th, 445th, 446th, 448th, 453rd, 459th, 462nd, 463rd, 531st, 547th, 549th, 552nd, 553rd, 555th, 556th, 557th, 559th, 562nd, 563rd, 580th, 597th, 635th.

Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalions (Semi-mobile): 385th, 397th (Batteries B, C and D).

Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalions (Self-propelled): 195th, 203rd, 387th, 473rd, 571st, 573rd, 777th.

Antiaircraft Artillery Searchlight Battalions: 226th (Battery A), 357th (Battery B).

Antiaircraft Artillery: Operations Detachment: 154th.


Armored Group Headquarters: 3d, 7th, l0th.

Tank Battalions: 701st, 709th, 717th, 736th, 739th (Special-Mine Exploders), 740th, 741st, 743rd, 744th (Light), 747th, 750th, 761st, 771st, 774th, 781st, 784th.


Corps Artillery Headquarters: VIII, XIII, XVI, XIX, XVIII Airborne.

Field Artillery Brigade Headquarters: 34th.

Field Artillery Group Headquarters: 40th, 119th, 174th, 196th, 202d, 2l0th, 211th, 219th, 228th, 252nd, 258th, 333rd, 349th, 401st, 402nd, 404th, 407th, 411th, 422nd, 472d.

Field Artillery Observation Battalions: 8th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 285th, 290th, 291st, 294th.

Field Artillery Battalions (105mm. Howitzer): 25th, 70th, 252nd, 280th, 283rd, 687th, 688th, 690th, 691st, 692nd.

Armored Field Artillery Battalions (105mm Howitzer, self-propelled): 65th, 83d, 275th, 695th, 696th.

Field Artillery Battalions (4.5 inch gun): 199th, 211th, 259th, 770th, 771st, 774tb, 777th, 959th.

Field Artillery Battalions (155mm Howitzer): 207th 203d, 215th, 228th, 254th, 333d, 349th, 351st, 666th, 751st, 753rd, 754th, 755th, 758th, 768th, 808th, 809th, 963rd, 965th, 967th, 969th.

Field Artillery Battalions (155mm Gun): 261st, 516th, 547th, 548th, 549th, 559th, 978th, 979th.

Field Artillery Battalions (155mm Gun, Self-propelled): 174th, 258th, 557th.

Field Artillery Battalions (8 inch Howitzer): 207th. 264th, 578th, 739th, 740th, 743d, 745th, 748th, 787th, 788th, 793rd.

Field Artillery Battalions (8 inch Gun): 256th.

Field Artillery Battalions (240mm Howitzer): 265th, 269th, 272nd.


Cavalry Group Headquarters, Mechanized: 11th, 14th, 15th, 102nd, 113th.

Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized: 15th, 17th, l8th, 32d, 36th, 38th (Troop A), 44th, 86th (Troop F), 102d, 113th, 125th.


Chemical Battalions, Motorized: 3rd, 86th, 89th, 90th, 92nd, 94th,

Chemical Smoke Generator Battalion: 27th.

Chemical Decontamination Company: 30th.

Chemical Depot Companies: 64th, 222nd.

Chemical Maintenance Companies: 19th, 57th

Chemical Smoke Generator Companies: 74th, 83rd.


Engineer Combat Group Headquarters: 1102nd, 1103rd, 1104th, 1105th, 1106th,1107th, 1110th, 1115th, 1117th 1120th, 1124th, 1128th, 1130th, 1132d, 1141st, 1142nd, 1143rd, 1144th, 1145th, 1146th , 1147th, 1148th, 1149th, 1152nd, 1153rd, 1160th, 1163d, 1186th.

Engineer Combat Battalions: 5th, 35th, 37th, 44th, 49th, 61st, 82nd, 138th, 147th, 148th, 149th, 158th, 159th, 164th, 167th, 169th, 171st, 172d, 184th, 187th, 188th, 202nd, 203rd, 207th, 208th, 234th, 237th, 238th, 243d, 244th, 245th, 246th, 247th, 248th, 250th, 251st, 252nd, 253rd, 256th, 257th, 259th, 260th, 276th, 277th, 278th, 279th, 280th, 281st, 282d, 1251st, 1253d, 1254th, 28th, 292d, 294th, 295th , 297th, 298th , 336th, 348th, 381st, 1251st, 1253rd, 1254th, 1255th, 1256th, 1257th, 1260th, 1262d, 1263d, 1264th, 1265th, 1276th, 1343rd, 1695th, 1698th, 1699th, 3051st, 3052nd, 3053rd.

Engineer Camouflage Battalions, Army: 84th (Company C), 602d, 604th (Company D), 606th.

Engineer Heavy Ponton Battalions: 180th, 181st, 551st, 552d, 554th.

Engineer Topographic Battalions, Army: 654th, 655th.

Engineer Base Depot Companies: 395th (2nd and 3d Platoon), 440th (Parts Supply Platoon), 459th (Detachment only), 465th, 729th (3d Depot Platoon ), 1961st (Aviation).

Engineer Dump Truck Companies: 582nd, 767th, 793rd, 1353d, 1354th, 1355th, 1363d, 1365th, 1368th, 1369th, 1370th , 1451st, 2705th, 2707th.

Engineer Harbor Craft Companies: 329th (Detachment C), 344th.

Engineer Light Equipment Companies: 574th, 611th, 612th, 625th, 626th, 627th, 629th, 630th, 631st, 632nd, 633rd, 634th, 678th, 2726th, 2729th, 2733d.

Engineer Light Ponton Companies: 70th, 73rd, 74th, 500th, 503r, 507th, 508th, 511th, 512th, 527th, 536th, 539th.

Engineer Maintenance Companies: 467th, 962nd, 969th, 977th, 978th, 981st, 982nd, 1468th, 1473th, 1477th, 1479th.

Engineer Topographic Companies, Corps: 62nd, 663rd, 665th, 667th, 669th, 672d, 3060th.

Engineer Treadway Bridge Companies: 989th, 990th, 997th, 999th, l000th, 1013th.

Engineer Water Supply Companies: 1501st, 1503rd, 1510th.

Engineer Firefighting Platoons: 1214th, 1219th, 1236th, 1238th.

Engineer Spare Parts Platoons: 440th.

Engineer Map Depot Detachment: 1608th.

Engineer Searchlight Maintenance Detachment: 1410th.

Engineer Survey Liaison Detachments: 1677th, 1682nd.

Engineer Utility Detachments: 1091st, 1641st, 1663d.

Engineer Technical Intelligence Teams: 2889th, 2893rd, 2894th, 2895th, 2902d, 2941st, 2943rd, 2944th, 2945th, 2950th.

Engineer General Service Regiment: 356th (3d Platoon Company C).

Engineer Survey Regiment: 11th (Detachment).


Medical Group Headquarters: 1st, 30th, 31st, 64th.

Medical Battalion Headquarters: 62nd, 86th 169th, 170th, 174th, 178th, 183rd, 184th, 188th, 240th, 241st, 242nd, 426th, 430th, 432nd.

Medical Gas Treatment Battalion: 95th.

Convalescent Hospitals: 8th.

Evacuation Hospitals: 24th, 41st, 91st, l00h, 102nd, 105th, 107th, 108th, 111th, 113th, 114th, 115th, 119th, 129th.

Station Hospitals: 127th (Detachment A), 152d (Detachment of Detachment C).

Field Hospitals: 20th, 48th, 53rd, 63nd, 67th.

Medical Ambulance Companies, Motor: 417th, 471st, 472nd, 488th, 489th, 564th, 565th, 566th, 574th, 580th, 581st, 588th, 590th, 595th, 597th.

Medical Base Depot Companies: 28th, 33rd (Advance Section II), 35th.

Medical Clearing Companies: 609th, 620th, 621st, 623rd, 625th, 626th, 627th, 629th, 634th, 635th, 640th, 643rd, 658th, 660th 666th.

Medical Collecting Companies; 396th, 415th, 419th, 420th, 421st 422nd, 423rd, 426th 429th, 439th, 442nd, 445th, 446th, 448th, 457th, 459th, 462nd, 463rd, 465th, 481st, 483rd, 497th, 499th, 500th, 501st, 502d, 508th.

Medical Dental Prosthetic Detachments: 461st, 462nd, 463rd. 464tb, 465th, 473rd.

Mobile Dental Units: 500th, 542nd.

362nd Medical Composite Detachment (Laboratory).

5th Auxiliary Surgical Group.


Military Police Battalions: 505th, 507th (Company C), 510th, 511th (Company A), 524th (Company B), 795th.

Military Police Companies (Corps): 817th, 822nd, 823rd.

Military Police Escort Guard Companies: 472d, 554th, 620th.

Military Police Criminal Investigation Detachments: 4th, 28th.


Ordnance Group Headquarters: 59th 60th, 79th.

Ordnance Battalion Headquarters: 48th, 65th, 172d, 178th, 185th, 187th, 260th, 312th, 320th, 328th, 330th, 334th, 335th, 340th, 592nd.

Ordnance Ammunition Companies: 316th, 583rd, 584th, 586th, 588th, 593rd, 598th, 599th, 637th, 640th, 657th, 658th, 665th, 697th.

Ordnance Depot Companies: 181st, 314th, 329th, 333rd, 342nd, 346th, 348th, 349th, 839th, 954th.

Ordnance Evacuation Companies: 422nd, 464th, 475th, 482nd, 483rd, 485th, 486th.

Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Companies (Field Army): 124th, 138th, 216th, 295th, 519th, 545th, 547th, 548th, 567th.

Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Companies (Tank): 503rd, 536th, 538th, 553rd, 554th, 555th, 561st, 566th.

Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Companies: 220th, 447th, 853r, 866th, 869th, 903rd, 911th, 916th, 927th, 3561st.

Ordnance Maintenance Companies (Antiaircraft): 300th, 351st, 352nd, 353r, 367th.

Ordnance Medium Automotive Maintenance Companies: 3419th, 3422d, 3445th, 3499th, 3508th, 3510th, 3512th, 3513th, 3522nd, 3525th, 3526th, 3530th, 3532nd, 3535th, 3546th.

Ordnance Medium Maintenance Companies: 6th, 7th, 16th, 18th, 92nd, 104th, 107th, 111th, 128th, 130th, 132d, 134th, 135th, 293rd, 294th, 302nd, 308th, 3464th, 3468th.

Ordnance Motor Vehicle Distributing Company: 3081st

Ordnance Tire Repair Company: 158th (Detachment 4)

Ordnance Bomb Disposal Platoon: 233rd

Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squads: 38th, 39th, 51st, 52nd, 53rd, 91st, 110th, 111th, 112th, 115th, 116th, 117th, 121st, 122nd.

Ordnance Ballistics and Technical Service Detachments: 2nd, 9th, 282nd.

Ordnance Service Detachment (Mess): 262nd


Quartermaster Group Headquarter 543rd, 544th, 550th, 559th.

Quartermaster Battalion Headquarter: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 24th, 63rd, 80th, 166th, 185th, 228th, 236th, 467th, 476th, 512th, 520th, 548th, 559th, 563rd, 587th, 588th, 628th, 688th.

Quartermaster Bakery Companies: 268th, 3007th, 3013th, 3017th, 3023rd, 3026th, 3038th, 3062nd, 4370th.

Quartermaster Car Companies: 23rd, 122nd (2d Platoon), 506th (3d Platoon), 6804th (later became 506th).

Quartermaster Depot Companies: 80th, 346th, 488th, 543r.

Quartermaster Fumigation and Bath Companies: 823rd, 852nd, 856th, 864th, 866th, 872nd.

Quartermaster Gas Supply Companies: 195th, 837th, 3860th, 3877th, 3916th, 3920th, 4298th, 4399th.

Quartermaster Graves Registration Companies: 605th, 608th, 611th, 3042nd, 3046th.

Quartermaster Laundry Companies: 463d, 479th (less 3d and 4th Platoons), 550th, 598th, 599th. 629th, 633rd.

Quartermaster Railhead Companies: 44th, 87th, 307th, 526th, 562d, 571st, 574th, 4286th, 4300th.

Quartermaster Refrigeration Companies: 485th (1st Section), 626th.

Quartermaster Sales Company: 582d.

Quartermaster Salvage Collecting Companies: 231st, 674th, 3052nd, 3053rd.

Quartermaster Salvage Repair Companies: 532d, 540th, 946th.

Quartermaster Service Companies: 960th, 970th, 972nd, 974th, 3121st, 3127th, 3128th, 3130th, 3133rd, 3136th, 3173rd, 3203rd , 3218th, 3222nd, 3223rd, 3225th, 3238th, 3246th, 4057th, 4084th, 4093d, 4130th, 4176th, 4177th, 4204th, 4404th, 4405th, 4450th, 4451st.

Quartermaster Service Detachments (Petroleum Products Laboratory): 928th, 940th.

Quartermaster Truck Companies: 131st, 134th, 37th, 382nd, 398th, 402nd, 428th, 432nd, 439th, 446th, 447th, 646th, 648th, 649th, 651st, 652nd, 662nd, 663rd, 664th, 665th, 666th, 667th, 668th, 669tb, 670th, 3326th, 3343rd, 3415th, 3416th, 3420th, 3435th, 3439th, 3454th, 3455th, 3456th, 3479th, 3496th, 3497th, 3533rd, 3574th, 3584th, 3598th, 3599th, 3616th, 3620th, 3622nd, 3623rd, 3631st, 3658th, 3675th, 3694th, 3695th, 3696th, 3698th, 3699th, 3700th, 3738th, 3803ed, 3806th, 3864th, 3907th, 3912th, 3965th, 3967th, 4030th, 4041st, 4044th, 4045th, 4046th, 4252nd.


Signal Battalions: 2nd, 4th, 54th, 59th, 66th (Company A), 97th.

Signal Light Construction Battalions: 38th, 39th.

Signal Operation Battalion: 310th.

Signal Service Battalion: Detachments A and E, 3187th.

Signal Depot Company: 578th

Signal Heavy Construction Company: 535th.

Signal Motor Messenger Company 3137th (Detachment A).

Signal Photographic Companies: Detachments 167th and 168th.

Signal Pigeon Companies: 278th.

Signal Radio Intelligence Company: 137th.

Signal Repair Companies: 179th (Detachment C), 188th.

Signal Service Companies: 3132nd, 3163rd, 3252d, 3257tb, 3258th, 3262d, 3282d (Film Library - Type B).

Signal Service Companies (Radio Intelligence): 3254th, 3259th.

Signal Center Team: 4th.

Signal Radar Maintenance Units: 13th, 215th, 216th, 237th, 238th, 240th, 447th, 448th, 449th, 450th.

Enemy Equipment Intelligence Service: 9th.


Tank Destroyer Brigade Headquarters: 1st.

Tank Destroyer Group Headquarters: 2nd, 6th, 7th, 12th, 16th, 20th.

Tank Destroyer Battalions: 603rd, 605th, 612th, 628th, 638th, 643rd, 644th, 654th, 692nd, 702nd, 705th, 771st, 772d, 801st, 802nd, 807th,809th, 813th, 8l4th, 817th, 821st, 823rd, 893rd.


Army Air Forces Liaison Squadron: 125th.

Army Air Forces Mobile Communication Squadron: 40th (Detachment YC, YI, ZP, ZQ, ZU).

Army Air Forces Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron: 50th.

Army Air Forces Weather Squadron: 21st (Detachments YC, YT, ZP, ZQ, ZU).

Army Ground Forces Bands: 66th, 88th, 112th.

Army Photographic Interpretation Detachment.

Army Postal Units: 145th, 175th, 177th, 202nd, 231st, 232r, 266th, 267th, 553rd, 555th, 576th, 577th, 599th, 647th.

Counterintelligence Corps Detachments: 1st, 2nd, 8th, 29th, 30th, 75th, 83rd, 84th, 102nd, 208th, 213th, 216th, 219th, 309th, 502nd, 506th, 507th.

Criminal Investigating Section: 28th

1st European Civil Affairs Regiment (Detachments): A1C1, B1B1, B1F1, C1A1 C1E1, D1G1, D2G1, D5A1, D5E1, D5G1, D6B1, D6D1, D6E1, D6G1, D10B1.

2d European Civil Affairs Regiment (Detachments): Headquarters, Company D; Headquarters, Company H; 3d Section, Service Platoon, Headquarters and Service Company; A1A2, B1A2, C1A2, C2A2, D1A2, D3A2, D5A2, D6A2, D7A2, E1C2, E1H2, F1C2, F1G2, F1H2, G1H2, H1C2, H1G2, H1H2, H2H2, H3H2, H5H2, H6H2, H7H2, I1C2, I1G2, I1H2, I2C2, I2G2, I2H2, I3C2, I3G2, I3H2, I4C2, I4H2, I5C2, I5H2, I6C2, I6H2, I7C2, I8C2, SRA2.

3d European Civil Affairs Regiment (Detachment): Headquarters, Company D; Headquarters, Company E; Headquarters, Company H; F1D3, F1H3, H1D3, HlE3, H1H3, H2D3, H2E3, H2H3, H3D3, H3E3, H3H3, H4D3, I1D3, IlE3, I1H3, I2D3, I2E3, I2H3, I3D3, I3E3, I4D3, I4E3, I4H3, 15D3, I5E3, I5H3, I6D3, I6E3, I6H3, I7D3, I7E3, I7H3, I8D3, I8E3, I8H3, I9E3, I10E3, I11E3, I12E3.

Finance Disbursing Sections: 4th, 7th, 12th, 42nd, 54th, 58th, 59th, 63rd, 64th, 71st, 123rd, 167th.

Information and Historical Service: 4th.

Interrogation Prisoner of 'War Teams: 28th, 81st, 105th, 144th.

Machine Records Units: 11th, 13th, 46th, 47th, 48th, 49th, 54th.

Military Intelligence Interrogation Teams: 452-G, 453-G, 454-G, 492-G, 494-G, 495-G.

Military Intelligence Service Liaison Section.

Mobile Radio Broadcasting Companies: 4th (Detachment C), 5th (Detachment A).

Office of Strategic Services Detachment: Special Force 13.

Order of Battle Team Number 3.

Photographic Interpretation Team Number 96.

Postal Regulating Section: 20th.

Provisional Document Team.

72d Public Service Battalion:

3rd Service Group, Headquarters Platoon, Headquarters Company.

34d Army Group Communication Platoon, Headquarters Company.

Radio Controlled Aerial Target Detachment.

Ranger Battalions: 2d, 5th.

Special Service Companies: 15th, 16th. 19th, 24th, 35th.

Static Staffs: 4th, 5th. Traffic Regulating Group: 38th.

Transportation Corps Amphibious Truck Companies:458th, 459th, 461st, 469th.

Transportation Corps Harbor Craft Companies: 329th (Detachment C), 344th (Detachment)

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration Teams: 7th, 13th, 38th, 39th, 40th, 57th, 58th, 59th, 60th, 170th.

United States Navy LCVP Unit Number 3.

War Crimes Investigation Team: 6825th.



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