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As a separate (non-divisional) engineer combat battalion, the 244th was not authorized its own patch. Men of the battalion wore the following patches:


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3rd Army

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XXI Corps

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12th Army Group

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7th Army

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9th Army

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3rd U.S. Army from 25 Oct 43 until it reached England on 10 Nov 44. XXI Corps 11 Nov 44 until 25 Dec 44 12th Army Group 25 Dec until early Jan 45 7th U.S. Army from early Jan 45 until 17 Mar 45 9th U.S. Army 17 Mar 45 until 15 Jun 45 Headquarters, European Theater of Operations, U.S. Army (COM-Z) 15 Jun 45 until inactivation

Shoulder sleeve insignia (SSIs, or shoulder patches) show to what unit a soldier is assigned. In WW II, the vast majority of shoulder patches are "authorized", that is, approved by the Quartermaster General. They were manufactured according to government guidelines, including cable (thread) colors and dimensions. For units below the size of a regiment, patches are never authorized; however, it was up to the local commander to allow the wear of "unauthorized" patches. These were usually locally made, sometimes comical, and made out of many different types of materials.


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