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"If you are looking for records about a relative's US Army unit, go to the new NARA site, which is now officially a pain in the neck to access:


 There is a window on the first page and the top line says "Ask a question about research and records. Click on that.

 You should see a page that says FIND: REQUEST


 click on that and you will be directed to another page that has another window, and it has ARMY as the very first entry. Click on ARMY.

 You will be directed to still another page and there will be small window (the only one, I think it says US Army Battle Records) 

 Scroll down until it says UNIT RECORDS (WWI AND LATER) Click on that and it should be highlighted in that little window.  

Just below that it says PAPER RECORDS. Click on that.

 Now you have to log in and register, password, etc., Sheesh! 

The last page will have a box and it says UNIT/REGIMENT and I forget what else. Sorry. I told you this was now a pain in the neck (or thereabouts).

 Anyway, ask for the unit history, after action reports (AARs), daily journal, and any other documents on whatever unit you are looking for.

 Fill out the info so they can mail it to you. They charge $.50 (cents) a page. 

 Good luck."



If you are looking for information about a relative's unit, please check out these sites. Please note that some of the units may have outdated points of contact, but I do not have any other information on units not listed on either of these two sites.

Ben Myers Military Associations Database

Normandy Allies

Military Research Associates LLC researches military records at the National Archives and other military archives in the Washington, DC area  (he does charge for this service)



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