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 Bomb damage VW plant -initialed by BJW 19 April 1945

Doc Kaufman is second from left and Pfc. Wilbur Carter is in the center, and has his initials and an arrow over him. The other GIs are not ID'd, but all are sitting in Doc Kaufman's new Kublewagen


Dud bomb at VW plant initialed by BJW 19 April 45


 Portable bathhouse Germany May 1945

German PoWs VW plant Fallersleben 1945



Felton Smith
RDA Bridge
he bridge at the Elbe river
Taken 30 April 1945 at 1100
( Courtesy of Richard Alvord )

This is T-5 Mitchell G. Kirkcaldy , one of the B Co men KIA at Fallersleben 20 Apr 45. 

Sgt George Nofel, Co A, 244th Engr Cbt Bn, Camp Chicago, 1945

Sgt George Nofel, Co A, 244th Engr Cbt Bn, Camp Chicago, 1945

The following photos are from the wartime collection of
T-5 John Ward, of the 244 Engineers "B" Co. 3rd Platoon
The captions are his original descriptions on the reverse of the photos, if available. 

Entertaining. Me on the fiddle

John Ward on the left

The boys at the German border

Jerrie gun  - knocked out

John left, Libby seated in my jeep

From Left to Right  " Libby, Pare, Maurice, Harlow, Doc "

Elbe River -  Floating Bailey

Bridge over Auto-Ban highway between Rhine and Elbe rivers . Thats my jeep"

Jerrie plane wreck on the bank of the Elbe

destroyed jerrie 109's

Chasing snipers in a town

Near the Rhine just took Jerries out of this building with my Tommy Gun

Couple of the boys by a blasted building at the Rhine

Boys taking five-long day

"Grease gun"

John Ward in middle with friends

John Ward on left with friend
From Fallersleben      


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